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There were plenty of famous faces at the Variety at Holt Renfrew photo studio today, but Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne had eyes only for each other!

In one of the sweetest moments of the morning, the two greeted each other with big (very manly, we assure you) hugs, Redmayne actually bounding across the room when he saw his fellow Brit was in the house. While Benedict sipped on a Fiji water, the two then proceeded to have a proper chinwag, joined by Redmayne’s fiance.

The two are both serious Oscar contenders in 2015 (Cumberbatch for his film at TIFF, The Imitation Game, and Redmayne for The Theory of Everything, also at the fest) but somehow we don’t think they’re letting the competition get in the middle of this bromance.

There may also be a third member to this wolfpack (he at least has ribbing privileges): Sam Worthington. When the room needed to be silent for Worthington’s interview, Cumberbatch (very loudly) announced to the room: “Oh, it’s just Sam Worthington. Everybody keep on talking!”. [x]


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